Storyverse - Making Reading Exciting!

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the app Storyverse ever since I saw their KickStarter video -

Finally, it is here! Storyverse is a free app that requires in app purchases to download different interactive 3D interactive books. These books encourage children to read the story while playing a video game as the character. They have to fight, search and collect different elements and objects by playing out the story they have read.

If anything is going to get children, especially boys, excited about reading it would be an app like this! Here is a preview of one of the books - Knoble Knight as a work in progress!

I also think from children playing the game in the role of the character could lead to some amazing first person narrative writing as well as other text types!

The team behind Storyverse have very kindly given me 5 promo codes to share, to be in with a chance of winning like and share this Facebook post -

UPDATE - Jan 2015 - Storyverse now offers a subscription for Schools -


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