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More Emotional Literacy Through Music

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know I am a massive fan of using music in the classroom, especially for reading comprehension. You can read about other songs I have blogged here. Here is another example: Here is a lyric video to the song: “Praying” is a song by Kesha believed to be directed at her long legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. It is believed the producer sexually and emotionally abused the singer over a number of years. While I wouldn't share this sensitive information with the class, the song has a powerful message about being positive when bad things have happened. Kesha described this song as: This song is about me finding peace in the fact that I can’t control everything — because trying to control everyone was killing me. It’s about learning to let go and realize that the universe is in control of my fate, not me.   “Praying” was written about that moment when the sun starts peeking through the darkest storm clouds, creating

Enhancing our Mini Beast topic with technology

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of working in Year 1. Their topic for this half term has been mini beasts and so I wanted to share with you some of the work we have been doing through technology. First, you may have seen the Hungry Caterpillar video we made, you can read about how we created this here . The children have also been learning about different mini beasts, researching facts and information and then creating these videos using the app - Shadow Puppets Edu: Last week, students were writing their own mini beast poems, focusing on the use of alliteration. To add an element of performance, the pupils recorded themselves sharing their writing using the app ChatterPix Kids. Here are some of their examples: These are just a couple of example of how I try to promote the use of technology in the primary classroom. It is about children creating content through these creative apps. Each of these ideas can easily be adapted to any topic

The Struggles for Teachers Administrating a Test

If you're in the midst of testing season, I am sure you can relate to these videos: This also made me chuckle, this chicken has nailed it as a teacher! 😂😂😂 Tag a teacher who walks like this! #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teachers A post shared by Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp) on Jan 13, 2018 at 1:25pm PST I am sure every Year 6 teacher can also relate to this video from last year: Make sure you follow on Mr P on:

Why Teachers have no patience by 9am

Another video for you to enjoy. Can you relate? Make sure you follow on Mr P on:

Which Teaching Avenger are you?

With the new film breaking all sorts of records, I’ve put this video together looking at what the Avengers would be like as teachers. Which one do you relate to most? Let us know in the comments and get sharing with your colleagues if they remind you of anyone too! Make sure you follow on Mr P on:

Making Dreams Come True Through The Internet

I am always trying to promote the positive use of the internet. For me, it has changed my life in a way I never thought possible. Having my ideas shared and used all around the world is amazing and now to be able to visit and work with so many teachers around the country and beyond is brilliant. It is a tool I use a lot in class to add an authentic purpose to children's learning. Connecting our classroom to professionals and experts through social media has had an incredible impact on the quality of work we get from our students. I have blogged plenty of examples of where the internet has created these amazing opportunities and experiences for our pupils, such as Blackfish , learning about our local area  or a message for the England football team . A couple of weeks ago, we had primary futures week where our pupils were learning about different jobs, had parents visit and talk about their career and discussion our aspirations. I worked with Year 2 and challenged them to