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A Zoo in the Classroom!

I am forever promoting the app " Apps Gone Free ," the daily feed of apps that for a limited time only, are free. The aim for the developers is that it draws people in to try the app with the view to build a bigger fan base. When you are working within a tight budget in schools, trying to find the best free apps to keep the cost of the iPads down means that this app is crucial in providing some amazingly useful apps. Today (19th August) I have found a gem, an app that would really inspire and ignite the children's imaginations and link really well to a lot of cross curricular activities. Now I don't know how long this app will stay free however even at £1.99 is seems a bargain! Pocket Zoo is a virtual zoo which links to live webcams from Zoos all around the world. Children are able to browse the virtual zoo, click on different animals and either look at pictures, listen to sounds, read information or watch a live feed from a Zoo around the world. Logging it

A Year to Remember

I am currently sitting on a plane flying home from a week away, reflecting on the past academic year. It has been an unforgettable year really, and one that has completely changed the direction of my career in a way I never thought possible.  This time last year I was feeling very apprehensive about the role I was taking on, coming out of the classroom to cover PPA across the whole school. Panicking about teaching in EYFS and KS1 for the first time, worried about other teachers and their perception of my role as I managed to dodge reports, parents evenings and levelling 35 long pieces of writing every other week. I am not going to lie, that aspect made the role very appealing however there was a fear of not having the same connections with children that you have as a class teacher and not having that responsibility for a class and see them develop and excel as learners and people. You can read more about the role  here. Would I change it now? Not at all, I learnt a lot about the