A Lovely Poem for Your Leavers Assembly

I am always asked to put a little video together for our Year 6 show and end of year assembly. Each year, I always include a special poem that I finish the end of year video with. It is called Leaving School by Jade Hughes and it is beautiful:

We've now left school,
It's how the story ends,
Tears of happiness is what we recommend,
It's what we say,
But there's always a little pain,
Because once you've left,
It's not the same,
You could walk through school and you would see,
Your friends who have grown up incredibly,
But now you've gone,
It's not the same,
As you may never see them again,
Your friends who have grown up right beside you,
Who have helped you through your daily strife,
Will go ahead and leave behind them,
You who wants the same old life,
But you can not live your life in the past,
Hoping that the same memories will last,
You have to move on and just be glad,
That leaving has made you so sad,
As this just shows that you have loved,
Your days at school here with us,
So go ahead and live your life,
And become what you want to be,
But don't forget the days you spent,
When you were young at school with me.

I usually record one of the pupils performing this poem over pictures and videos of the children during their time in school. Here are a few examples of my end of year videos:

Year 6 Leavers Video 2013 from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

I hope you find this useful and if you have any poems that you share, please share them on twitter or facebook.


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