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TouchCast - A great teacher tool!

In essence, the app TouchCast is all about making videos interactive. I first came across this app a few months ago and was impressed by how useful it could be in the classroom. I have been meaning to share this app for some time but with so much going on I have only had chance to share it now. I would expect some confident upper KS2 children to be able to use this app however I feel it is more suited as a really useful teaching tool to use to set tasks or create interactive tutorials for their class. There are different interactive elements (vApps) that you can add such as pictures, youtube links, votes, questions, quizzes, maps, twitter and news feeds, polls and websites. The app also allows you to add a title as well as a whiteboard, which lets you annotate all the interactive elements. There is also the option to use greenscreen within your recording. The only restriction is that you can only record for 5 minutes. At the minute, you are only able to record on your iPad and

A festive treat to say thank you!

2013 has been a remarkable year. Personally, there has been a lot of change and my career has taken a new and exciting turn as I am now working as a part time consultant. I cannot thank everyone enough for all their support with this blog and through my twitter and facebook accounts. It seems however for our profession of teaching, it has been a tough year and one that has brought a lot of unnecessary stress and negativity for many teachers. It seems a certain education secretary, who shall remain nameless, seems adamant on destroying our education system and in particular the confidence and enthusiasm of many talented and excellent teachers. My response, the video below which shows my defiance against the negativity. The tradition of making these short Christmas dance videos started as a little treat for some of the children we teach. Since then, it has grown and is looked forward to by plenty of the children and parents we teach. Even though our careers have taken different