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Examples of the different ways we have Live Streamed in School

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post about the different ways you can stream a live assembly or performance within School - You can read it here. After trying numerous different methods I thought I would share how we have found each one. The first one we used was using the app    webcamera  to use the iPad as a webcam for my laptop. The iPad sends the video through the wifi to the laptop which then streams it on the internet. We used a google hangout to broadcast the assembly and chose the YouTube add on which allows the hangout to be streamed live to YouTube and then it is automatically saved as a video. Here is a link to the video: As you can tell the quality isn't great. The fact that the iPad has to send the video to the laptop to then send it over the WiFi to the hangout clearly affects the quality.  The next chance I had was to again use the Google Hangout broadcasting option to stream our first Advent assembly. The reason was to share it with a number of