Pop - Create an app with Paper!

I stumbled across the Pop - Prototyping on Paper app a while ago and simply put, it is AWESOME!! The possibilities are endless!

To give you a quick idea of how it works, here is a short demo from the Pop website -

I am always looking to use Mobile Technology to enhance what can be done on paper. I recently wrote an article for Innovate my School about transforming learning on the iPad referencing the SAMR model. You can read the article here. This app is the perfect example of how technology can enhance what can be done on paper. This app however, encourages users to use paper and therefore is great for the classroom.

Imagine turning the children's topic book into an app or telling an adventure story as an app, linking a mindmap at the beginning of a science topic and linking all the questions to work children have produced through the topic. Children can produce an guide to the school app, instructional text apps or apps about their favourite hobbies or interests.

With so much focus on computing in the new curriculum, this would be a great way to link computing to other curriculum areas. The app itself is very simple to use - take pictures of all your pages and use boxes to link from page to page. The apps created can then be shared and viewed on mobiles or computers.

My stepson is into sketching and drawing pictures of his favourite footballers and sports stars. After showing him this app and explaining how he can turn his pictures into an app, he created one. He took pictures of his drawings, screenshots from wikipedia and linked it all together to make this -

If this doesn't show clearly - follow this link.

I know he would absolutely love to know what people think about his drawings, he takes a lot of pride in them so please leave a comment so I can show how many people have seen and liked his efforts.

I think this app is a fantastic way to create, share and publish children's written work. Please share any examples you create with your calss and I will link them into this post. Thanks!


  1. Hey - I really loved the App you shared here and I can't wait try it out. I loved the drawings too. My favourite was Michael Jordan. Very talented young man.


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