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Some E-Safety resources from my Facebook Live Video

Thank you to everyone who joined me on my recent Facebook Live video, if you missed it, you can watch it again here: Here are some links to resources mentioned in the video: SWGFL Digital Literacy Scheme of Work Simon Finch - Twitter and Facebook Pederosa's  recommendation - #WordsHurt Google's INTERLAND  - Thanks to  @GrahamAndre for sharing! ReadWritePerform Packs List of Mr P's Available Dates for training. What Mr P can offer Thanks for watching! 

Solvemoji - Great little Maths starters!

One of my eBooks - 15+ ideas for the emoji keyboard in the classroom explores how emojis can be used as a tool across the curriculum. I recently discovered a great page on Facebook that provides a fantastic starter or activity for a maths lesson. You can follow Solvemoji on: ⭐️ Facebook ⭐️ Twitter ⭐️ Instagram  ⭐️ Website  (here you can create an account and compete with others) I follow on Facebook and every day they seem to post some of these challenges. The also differentiate the challenges too. Here is a sample of what they create and share: I think it is a great way to challenge children applying their understanding of BODMAS and also introduce simple algebra. So give it a go! Stick one or two up on your whiteboard first thing in the morning, after break or after lunch and see how quick the children settle themselves into focusing and solving the problem.

Now That's What I Call Being A Teacher Vol.6 - The Heatwave Edition

If you have been feeling the heat (quite literally) in the classroom this week, I am sure you can relate to this:

Exploring 3D Shapes

Today I had the pleasure of working with Year 3. In maths, we were exploring 3D shapes. We discussed the different properties of 3D shapes such as faces, edges and vertices. The children were given the opportunity to explore the shapes physically and then were challenged to create a video sharing their understanding of different 3D shapes. We used the app Shadow Puppets Edu, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite apps for its versatility and simplicity. Here is a clip of what we got up to: Year 3 worked really hard today exploring different 3D shapes and then sharing that knowledge by creating videos explaining the properties of each shape in the app Shadow Puppets, here's a little snippet: A post shared by Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp) on Jun 15, 2017 at 7:44am PDT Once completed, the pupils uploaded their efforts to Seesaw. Here is a finished example:

Now That's What I Call Being A Teacher Vol. 5 - The Writing Reports Edition