Play Osmo - Play beyond the screen

I have been meaning to blog about the Osmo since I received one in the summer. It is only after seeing so many people rave about it from #Bett2015 it reminded me to share this amazing tool!

To give you a taste of what Osmo is and what it can do here is a short video -

The Osmo costs around £50 but it has great potential in the classroom, the three games included cover core subjects in Literacy and Maths and help children develop their spellings, shape recognition and problem solving in a fun and engaging way. My only criticism would be to have the letters in lower case rather than upper case as children recognise these easier.

I understand the team behind Osmo are working on other games and activities using this hardware so am excited to see what they come up with.

Having an Osmo in the classroom will come in great use for group work or independent activities with primary children.

You can order your own Osmo here.


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