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Can Augmented Reality Improve Writing?

For inspiring and creating writing opportunities in class, I have found Augmented Reality to be superb. I have recently been using an Augmented Reality showcase app to inspire writing with a mixed Year 1/2 class. It has not only engaged and motivated them but provided them with an exciting visual stimulus that has created some incredible writing - read more here. I wanted to see whether using Augmented Reality improves writing. So with a Year 5 class, I decided to try a little experiment. I started the lesson by providing the children with this image and I asked them to write a description of it: Despite having little to work with, I was impressed with some of their writing. However I wanted to see whether colouring the picture and then bringing it to life through Augmented Reality would improve the quality of writing. Once they had finished writing their first description I asked them to colour their picture -  Once completed, it was time to bring the pic

Let's do Mental Maths - YES PLEASE!!!!

It is that time of year again, when teacher's are desperately trying to prepare for SATs tests and looking for ways in which to get those all important results. The Year 6 teachers asked are there any really good apps to help with revising different topics. I have previously blogged about ways in which I use the iPads to make the SPAG more bearable - read here . I have recently discovered two new apps from Andrew Brodie, focusing on Mental Maths and they both are BRILLIANT! The two apps are aimed at KS1 and KS2 and both are great ways for children to practice every objective of their mental maths. They can enter their names and keep a running assessment of their progress through practise questions and a range of different tests. Each test orally reads the questions for children who may struggle with their reading. They provide a variety of different question types and even has a hint button that simplifies the answer for the children. What impresses me most about this app

Descriptive Tweets!

Last week, I trialled a new app with a Year 4 Class. The app Path On , allows children to creating a line or shape onto a picture, which they can then fill with words to create a really effective descriptive picture. The children enjoyed the app and the results were really effective - I was really impressed with the rich description generated from the image, I decided to use the picture again this week with a different Year 4 class to attempt some description with a different twist. I am a big advocate of developing writing through constraints - adding rules to make children play and experiment with language. I first came across these ideas through Alan Peat  and some of his brilliant approaches linked with Oulipo. I have recently been experimented with different constraints in writing such as creating stories with hidden messages  and also using some social media trends that add constraints . Today the children had another constraint to challenge them! Twitte