A Year in the Life of Triplets - The Sequel

On January 10th 2012, I decided to start a project inspired by Cesar Kuriyama and his 1 second everyday idea. I wanted to do my own version in two different ways - one as a teacher and one as a parent. You can read all about how I used it as a teacher to keep memories of successful moments in class along with creating an amazing keepsake for the class at the end of the year - HERE.

As a parent, I completed my first year and created an amazing keepsake of the triplets year from being 18 months to 2 1/2. In the first year, I mostly used the app 1 second everyday, however when I decided to continue and make a recording for the second year, I edited the video myself. Rather than 1 second a day, I changed it for 1 moment a day, because sometimes I felt it needed just a little bit longer. I made sure no clip was over 2/3 seconds but being flexible with that half second made it better to show what they were up to. It also meant Mum, Grandma and others could get involved when they were looking after the kids.

I have created this video to try and demonstrate that mobile technology can be used in a positive way without harming my ability to be a father. Arguments, videos and articles are popping up everywhere discussing the harmful side of mobile tech and how we all now live with our heads down! With this project, I film for a matter of seconds to capture a memory before playing, wrestling, dancing, laughing, cuddling and enjoying every moment I have with my troop. When I watch that moment back, I am instantly transported back to that day, experience and memory.

Any way here is the second year - A Year in the Life of Triplets - Age 2 - 3.

Here is the first year too -


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