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Why do we edit and filter our selfies?

This was a digital literacy lesson I did with Year 4 last week: I have also posted a more in-depth step-by-step tutorial for what we did and how we did it exclusively for the supporters of my Facebook page. You can access this and everything else on by clicking the picture below:

Class 4A's Guide to Social Media Apps

I think Social Media is a tool for good. Unfortunately, at the minute not everyone is using it positively. It comes down to choices. In 2019, we don't have a choice about using social media, the choice we make is how well we do it. Just this week the DFE announced that lessons around mental well-being linked to the internet and social media will be compulsory next year.  I have been saying this needs to happen for the past few years. I do think education is crucial to prevent the issues we are seeing around mental health, screen addiction and relationships. Over the past few weeks, I have been working with my year 4 class to learn more about some of the social media apps they are aware of. I wanted to cover both the positives and negatives and make children aware of how to stay safe and act responsibly when they are old enough to use these tools. The genre in English was non-chronological reports and the children looked at three subheadings of: What is it? What are the da