Our New Interactive Display on Never Giving Up!

In my sessions each week at Davyhulme, I have been working on a project with my Digital Leaders. As a school with a motto 'Reaching for the Stars,' I wanted the pupils to create a display that would inspire children to persevere and not let failure stop them achieving their goals.

The idea was inspired by something I saw at Candleby Lane School in Nottingham. They had a display featuring stories from teachers talking about how they have failed and how they overcame that failure. So we did the same, we asked teachers to share stories of times when they felt they had failed and how they worked through it and didn't let it stop them from achieving their goals. I feel this is a really powerful thing to share with our students to make them understand that everyone will have ups and downs including their teachers. Here is my example:

The Digital Leaders also researched famous people who had also struggled in their journey to reach their goal. To share what they had learned, they used the app Apple Clips to create a short video about each person, why they are famous and what failure or obstacle they faced on their journey to being a success.

To enhance the display we then linked the videos through Augmented Reality using the app HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) to make the display interactive. This is something we have used before and you can read about our interactive reading display here.

Here is a video of some of our Digital Leaders talking about their finished display:

We have also published all of our videos about famous people who failed to this YouTube playlist, we hope you enjoy watching them:


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