Enhancing Learning in Geography Through Technology Lesson 3

Over the past half term, I have been working in Year 2 and supporting both classes with their Geography topic.

I have blogged what we have done previously and you can read what we have covered so far:

Enhancing Learning in Geography Through Technology Lesson 1

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The next step was to focus in on our local area of Manchester and Urmston where our school is.

We listed some of the famous landmarks and interesting places to visit. We also discussed other reasons why people should visit or even live here.

The children were then challenged to create their own eBooks about why people should live in Urmston, Manchester.

The students worked in pairs using the app Book Creator to create their eBooks. Book Creator has always been one of my favourite apps to use in class. As a creative tool, it is up there as one of the best apps/tools for the classroom and is a must for any primary and secondary school. The app allows pupils to create eBooks and comics where they can add text, images, videos and audio recordings. It gives the students the opportunity to creatively demonstrate their knowledge and understanding about anything.

To help the children with their ebooks, they used the app Google Earth to look at some of these famous landmarks through the bird's-eye view or the Google street view. The students could then take screenshots to use in their eBooks.

The students could choose which landmarks they wanted to choose and most went for ones they were familiar with and have visited themselves. They explored through different media - adding text and audio recordings to share their knowledge about different places. Here is one of their finished efforts:

What made this project even better was that we shared some of the eBooks on our school twitter account and had this reply from the Mayor of Manchester:


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