Enhancing Learning in Geography through Technology Lesson 2

Last week, I blogged about the work I had started in Year 2 linked to their Geography topic:

Enhancing Learning in Geography through Technology Lesson 1

After the students had labelled the continents on a world map:

The next step was to focus in on the UK. The first step was to create a similar labelled map through Seesaw. However, this time we discussed improving the formatting and style:

The next step was to look at finding out about each country in the UK. First, we generated a series of questions to help us with our research, some of the suggested questions:

  • Where is it?
  • How many people live there? (Population)
  • What is the Capital City?
  • What does the flag look like?
  • What is the national anthem?
  • What famous landmarks are there to visit?
  • Who is the patron saint?
The pupils were then given some time to research online and try and find the answers to these questions. After writing a script using their facts, they created a short video about their country using Adobe Spark Video. This tool has to be one of my favourites as it is the perfect example of a creative app which allows students to creatively share their knowledge and understanding about any topic. For Year 2 especially, it is a great app which removes certain barriers for children. Some of the students who might not yet be fluent writers are still able to show what they know. 

Within their tables, they came together to then create an interactive map. Using the app Thinglink, the pupils linked their videos with their maps created in the previous lesson. Once all the videos have been linked, the interactive image can be shared online. Here is one of their efforts:

In the next lesson, children will be looking at their city of Manchester and local town of Manchester.


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