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I am very proud to announce that I am officially a Seesaw Ambassador! For well over a year, I have been sharing the fantastic ways in which Seesaw can be used in the classroom on lots of my CPD. I have dabbled with other similar apps like Google Classroom and Showbie, however, for me the simplicity of Seesaw has made it the one we have chosen to go with in my school. The impact from using Seesaw has been instant and as part of my CPD I share all the ways in which it can be used to help the 'working smarter, not harder' approach.

I have also benefited massively from the parents app as my children's school has also been using it and the discussion it has encouraged in our house has been amazing.

This year, I am continuing to share and build on the great things already happening with Seesaw. A perk of being an ambassador means I get the Seesaw Plus features for FREE! But I have found a way in which you can also get Seesaw Plus for FREE!

The cost for Seesaw Plus is around £90 a year per teacher. The Seesaw for Schools option has all the Seesaw Plus features included. 

Seesaw Plus allows teachers to evidence children's learning towards key skills/objectives.
Teachers using Seesaw for formative assessments can now tag their students' posts with their own set of skills or standards.

These skills are only visible to the teacher and allow teachers to give a star rating to relate to depth of understanding towards that particular skill.

Teachers also have the option to make notes and observations private.

You can get a three month FREE trial of Seesaw Plus and to extend that trial, all you need to do is open Seesaw, tap your name in the top left corner, tap the gear icon and then scan QR code:

If you scan one of these codes, you will get an extra month of Seesaw Plus for Free!

If you then tap 'share seesaw' you can share your QR code, for every person who scans your code you and them will get a month of Seesaw Plus. Which means you get three months free, plus a month for scanning the above QR code, then if you can get another 6 people to scan your QR code you will have all the features of Seesaw Plus for the next academic year for FREE!! 

Happy Days!


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