An Assembly on Selflessness, Thanks to the Brownlee Brothers

If you are stuck for a quick assembly idea this week, look no further than the following clip:

This inspiring finish to the race demonstrates why sport is so important not just for exercise but to teach us so many vital life skills.

Play the video but don't play the sound. Discussing the video, some questions to consider:

  • When in the race does this event happen? How do you know?
  • What event are they participating in? 
  • What makes up a triathlon? 15km swim, 40km bike ride, 10km run
  • Is the race taking place in somewhere hot or cold? How do you know?
  • What might have contributed to Jonny struggling to finish the race? The humid weather.
  • As Jonny, turned the corner, how do you think he was feeling? Can you think of some words to describe it?
  • How do you know the boys are related? Both have the same name of their shirt.
  • Which brother is older? Why do you think that?
  • What was the choice Alistair had when he turned the corner?
  • Why did he make the decision to help his brother? 
  • What would he lose by making that decision?
  • What did he gain?
  • Did he make the right choice? Why?
  • People believe Jonny should be disqualified from the race, do you think this is fair?
  • What lesson has Alistair, the older brother, taught us all through his actions?
  • Was winning the most important thing?
  • Can you remember the name of the person who won the race? 
  • Why is that not as important as the actions of Alistair?
  • In ten years time, what will be remembered about this race?
  • How can we use this remarkable act of selflessness in our lives?
  • What skills can sport teach us that we can apply in other parts of our lives?
  • Why do you think this video has now gone viral with millions of views and shares?

After discussing the text, you could ask the children to write about the event. You could:
  • Ask the students to write a short news report about the event.
  • Write a first person recount as Alistair explaining what must have been going through his head.
  • Create a motivational poster about the sportsmanship shown.
  • Download a copy of the clip and ask children to write and perform a commentary over the top.
You can also watch an interview with the brothers after the race to hear their take on the event:

If you use any of these ideas, please do share as I would love to see what your pupils create!


  1. I can't access this video. "This video is private" Any ideas how I can see it?


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