Facebook Live in the Classroom!

From the moment we started using iPads in class, I saw the potential for them to help capture and share pupil's learning and achievements to parents and the world. This is what kickstarted our school blog and then twitter and Facebook pages.

On all my training, I discuss how powerful social media can be for schools to share work with parents, teach children the importance of being responsible, positive digital citizens and how inspiring it can be for students when they know their work is being share to a global audience.

I know how important it is for parents to feel involved in the school life of their child but many are unable to attend assemblies, performances and sports days. I have tested a number of live streaming apps and tools and previously blogged about them (you can read them here and here.) Over time new tools such as Google Hangouts and periscope have made this easier but the one tool I am very fond of is the Facebook Live tool.

A lot of schools are very cautious and reluctant to have their own school Facebook page, for me, the positives massively out weigh the potential negatives. The main concerns schools have is parents using the page to speak negatively about the school. But you control this, we make it very clear it is a one way communication page and if parents air any negative views they will be blocked and banned. What schools need to realise is that if they don't have their own school Facebook page that they can monitor, parents will start their own which will not be monitored.

There are so many positives with Facebook: ability to share examples of work, make announcements, save money on printing, demonstrate how to use social media in a positive way to name but a few.

The use of the Facebook live, adds a whole new range of ways to involve parents and give children the opportunity to proudly perform and share their learning. The Facebook live tool allows you to broadcast a live video from your device. You can see how many people are watching and viewers can comment live and interact whilst the recording is taking place.

So imagine in class, the children have been working hard writing a story. Usually, towards the end of the lesson you may ask the children to read their work aloud to the class. With Facebook Live, you could broadcast the children reading their writing aloud to your online global audience!

Have your TA capture and broadcast the science investigation you are doing in class with your class, encouraging pupils and parents to discuss what happened and what they found out.

The class assembly that the pupils have worked so hard on will know that their parents will be able to watch it live from their workplace. Any school performance, nativity play or talent show can be broadcast live and shared, meaning the children can go home and watch back what they have done when they are home.

When rain meant our sports day was cancelled, we managed to hold an impromptu sports day but had two year 6 pupils broadcast it live through Facebook for parents to watch:

Or if your school team are in a competition, keep parents up to date and involved in the action by broadcasting the match live on Facebook:

Or sharing a lovely activity, like when Year 5 were leading some football coaching with Reception children:

So the question is, how will you use this fantastic tool?

On my Facebook page, I regularly use Facebook Live videos to share new ideas, new apps, details of upcoming courses and generally give people the opportunity to ask questions and interact. Here is an example of a Live Video alongside Alan Peat:

Make sure you follow the Facebook Page to join in with other Facebook Live Broadcasts!



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