Incredibox App for Music Creation

I am a MASSIVE fan of using music in the classroom. I have previously blogged about using music in the classroom -

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There are plenty of music creation apps on the iPads and one of my new favourites is Incredibox! I have been a fan of the website for a while and the app allows you to play version 2 'Little Miss.'

To see how the website and app works, watch this facebook live video I recorded on Thursday night -

There are plenty of ways in which this app can be used in the classroom, just allowing children to tinker, play and try to create their own song would be the first but looking at patterns, sequences and making links to computing skills.

I would also be looking at using this app for children to create some background music when performing a text as a podcast or radio show. Here is an example using the Audioboom app where children have used a similar app to create music to accompany their performance.


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