Facebook 360 Videos to Inspire Writing

You may have noticed a plethora of 360 degree videos popping up on facebook and Youtube. These videos are recorded with a camera system that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360 video's perspective to watch it from different angles.

I look the immersive element to these videos; being able to control what to focus on. I think they are also a great way to inspire writing in class. You can read about an example of this linked with Star Wars - Jedi Writing - Inspiring Writing Through Star Wars.

There are a couple of other 360 degree videos I have found on facebook that would be great to use in the classroom. I thought I would share to hopefully inspire others to use them in class -

Explore the Millenium Falcon -

A 360 degree exploration of Game of Thrones -

Explore the Kingdom of King Louis in The Jungle Book -

Explore Mars - 

There are also some great 360 videos on YouTube including this one from Curiscope where you can swim with great white sharks!

Ideally, you want students to explore the 360 degree video to get the immersive experience, unfortunately, many schools block facebook and Youtube. One way around this would be to record a video of a teacher exploring the 360 degree video. To do this, I use the screen record feature in Airserver -

If you find any interesting 360 videos or create some work based on them, please do share either through @ICT_MrP or Facebook.

For more inspiring 360 videos check out this blog post from @JohnDCotter


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