12 Game of Thrones Characters You See in Every School - Which One Are You?

Everyone loves Game of Thrones! This fun blog post will share 12 characters from the popular show and the similarities to different teachers your see in every school:

1 - Ned Stark

You have seen more staff, curriculums and policy changes than anyone else. You have been around the block and know how things should be done. You are respected and good at your job even though you're not part of the SLT.

With the latest changes from the new regime (government,) you realise you are too proud to and honourable to subject the ones you love to this unnecessary and cruel rule of testing. Retirement is looming unless the new pressures get to you first.

2 - Drogo

Although the core subjects of English, Maths and Science aren't your strong point, when it comes to a subject like PE, there is no one as passionate.

Come rain or shine, whatever the weather you are outside leading by example. When it comes to a school competition, you are ready for the battle and take it seriously. Winning is everything! Despite your competitive side, you also have a soft and loving side and can make a belting brew.

3 - Daenerys

Despite starting your journey as a teacher with a teaching placement where you were under the guidance of a nightmare teacher, you have since blossomed into a great teacher.

You have the potential to go right to the top and be a headteacher. But first,  you want to get as much experience as possible. Therefore, you have pretty much been the coordinator in every subject.

You constantly look for guidance and help and see the value in working as a team. Because of this, you are able to control the scariest dragons (children) in the school.

4 - Jamie Lannister

The IT coordinator. 

People think you are full of it because you can turn a plug on/off at the mains. Others think you have a special skill set and have become respected as one of the best teachers in the school. 

However, when local building work meant the WiFi went down, your biggest asset was lost. You were distraught, felt like you couldn't continue. You appeared vulnerable and weak, yet you adapted to become a well-rounded teacher and do the best for your class.

5 - Joffrey

You haven't been around long but already you've jumped aboard the SLT train and heading for the top by any means necessary. 

Other staff may not see your ambition or mistake you for being ruthless, but honestly, you don't care. 

People may question your methods and the way you do things are different from what has been done before. Despite this, you get the job done and ultimately that's what matters.

6 - Arya Stark

You are fierce, independent and determined.

Your parent/s worked in education and you saw first hand the lack of work-life balance so are on a mission to change the profession.

You take on any new challenge and love to go on courses. Returning from the course, you want to change how everything is done in school no matter how it was done before. Even though this will ruffle a few feathers you're a trailblazer and don't care!

7 - Jon Snow

You teach with honour and integrity and do everything right.

You are reliable and always keep a promise. You do endless lunch time and after school clubs and seem to struggle to say 'no.'

The way you became a teacher is questionable and ambiguous with no one knowing whether you had a degree or not.  But you are quickly becoming a teacher that everyone respects, showing signs of being a great leader.

Despite the potential to be great, you feel isolated and question your ability. When an offer for a promotion comes from another school you turn it down as you are loyal to the school that gave you the opportunity and want to finish the job.

8 - Sansa Stark

As a younger teacher, you wanted to prove yourself and so decided to become the SENCO.

You didn't realise at the time how much time and effort this would take and how others would use and rely on you to arrange and attend meetings with outside agencies and filling in endless forms.

Through time in the role, you have adapted well and have learnt so much from the hardship of the role.  You are now a fantastic teacher who is tolerant and understanding of everyone, both pupils and staff.

9 - Tyrion Lannister

People are very surprised when you reveal you're a teacher. You don't look or act like a teacher and you know this. You are sarcastic and everyone notices with the witty comments you make in staff meetings.

Despite the sarcasm and wit, you get the job done and done well. You don't always follow policy and do things by the book but your class love you. When Ofsted visited and everyone panicked, doubted themselves, you were the one who stood up, took charge and inspired the other staff to victory!


10 - Cersei

No one is more protective of their class than you. You only want the best for them and this is reflected in your teaching.

Some do, however, believe you may go too far. You will go to any length to make sure your class are the best, fixing team point competitions.

The look on your face when your class don't win the attendance award is a picture. The midday assistants shake in fear if they have to tell you one of your class has misbehaved.

11 - Brienne of Tarth

Although you have all the qualities of an amazing teacher, as a TA, you're the best sidekick to have in the classroom. You will do anything for the teacher, endless photocopying, intervention groups even covering the class if needed.

You are intimidating in battle and no teacher wants to get on your wrong side. If a teacher is ever in a meeting with a feisty parent, you're right by the side of the teacher as a loyal and fierce companion.

12 - The Mountain

He isn't a teacher or TA but a valuable asset to the school.

If a job needs to be done that others wouldn't do, he is your man!

The caretaker builds, moves and fixes everything. He gets the job done by any means necessary and loves to get his hands dirty. Children, parents and even staff are scared of him and no one dares EVER step into his office!

So the question is... which one are you?


  1. Haha awesome!! I am Tyrion.

  2. Dianne Davies2 May 2016 at 14:56

    I think I matched the Ned Stark model best, with touches of Jon Snow...


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