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On Friday, I presented at the Literacy Shed Conference in Bury alongside @redgierob, @bryngoodman and @readingexplorers. The two day conference focused on all things Literacy with John Murray demonstrating and sharing his unique insight into developing key reading skills. Rob shared his ideas and strategies to develop a visual literacy curriculum. Bryn share his first hand experience in using the Shed and the impact it had. I then discussed all things iPad and how to use the internet to have a real impact on children's learning.

The real star of the two days though, didn't even present! @gazneedle, is a KS1 teacher at St Josephs in Shaw. I have done some training at his school and he is a true gent. But I was in complete awe of his notetaking ability. Armed with a notepad and pencil case he went to work producing some stunning cartoon like notes throughout the two days! I don't know how he managed to do it while keeping up with what was being shared!

After the conference, I sat and read through his notes which covered all the main ideas shared in such a visual and impressive way. Gaz also has a blog - which he shares some of his doodles, such as visual tweets - 

motivational Quotes -

Or making Twitter profile pics - 

Make sure you follow Gaz on twitter - @Gazneedle and I know already teachers have enquired about whether he can do a workshop with their class. But if you need a illustrator, or hosting a teachmeet/conference and want someone to create a live stream of visual notes, Gaz in your man!

Some of the feedback from the #litshedconf was fantastic, so thank you to everyone who tweeted! Here is a Storify with some of the feedback - 


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