Musomic - The Future of Comic Creation!

I rarely look forward to an app as much as I did when I first heard of Musomic. After working alongside Mat (@inspiredmind5) and reading his fantastic book (pictured) I quickly realised the potential of using comics in the classroom. There are plenty of comic apps available on the iPad, my favourites being Comic Life, Strip Designer and Comics Head. Musomic, however is completely different and provides a whole range of fantastic literacy opportunities!

Here is a video showing the basics of the Musomic app:

There are a range of different themed packs that you can purchase and download. For the next couple of days, all of the content is FREE so be quick and get them downloaded! But it is the fact that you have professionally designed images to work with in creating your own comics is such a fantastic tool. It can inspire writing in so many ways, from planning stories, investigating characters, retelling stories, creating comics and classroom posters to name just a few ideas that jump in my head. I just know that children will relish using this app as a storytelling tool and it will inspire so many creative stories! 

The other aspect to this app that sets it apart from other comic apps out there is the use of music! I am a massive fan of how important music can be in telling a story. I have previously blogged about how you can use music to inspire story writing and you can read it here. The fact that children can add drums, melody or SFX to each page of their comic add a whole new level of creativity to the storytelling process.

This is an app I am excited to use in the class, so stay tuned to see some of the wonderful comics the children make over the next few weeks!

If you haven't yet got your copy of the app - DOWNLOAD IT HERE NOW!


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