Alan Peat presents... Enhancing the New Primary Curriculum using Technology

The course on Monday 22nd September at the Village hotel in Whiston near Liverpool. Over 92 teachers attended and the atmosphere was fantastic! The aims of the day were to provide teachers with a range of ideas and strategies to successfully use technology through different web tools and iPad apps to enhance learning in Numeracy, Literacy and other cross curriculum subjects.

This conference is being repeated in the following places -

4th November - Middlesborough

18th November - Peterborough

8th December - London

27th January - Walsall

Places are available on all the above courses and just follow the link for details to book.

The feedback from the conference was incredible, I am so thankful to everyone for their kind words, was lovely to hear how much you enjoyed it!

60 Evaluations
58 – Rated the content and delivery as Excellent
2 – Rated the content and delivery as good.

Simply... WOW! 
 Thank you so much for today... My head is buzzing and I've not felt so pumped about my job as I do tonight for a long time!  Just need to persuade the SLT that a QR code qualifies as evidence in books!! You obviously love your job and it's so refreshing to have CPD from someone who is still in the classroom and practices what they preach! The children you teach are very lucky! Thanks again  
Oh my goodness. I’m worried some thing will fall out of my head on the way home! This was the most valuable training I have had as a teacher, computing co-ordinator and school senior leader. I just wish I know everything that Lee knows!  
Some fabulous ideas and excellent range of low cost apps that will enhance the learning and feedback for children. 
 Funny and engaging! Feeling inspired and can’t wait to try things out. An outstanding day with so much shared! Incredible ideas for us to use in the classroom. Every teacher in Britain needs this training! 
 Amazing. Just fantastic, I am so envious that your school has such a talented teacher on staff! Well worth the journey. 
Incredibly inspiring! Excellent delivery, very inspiring and lots to now think about. Thank you for a very engaging, thought provoking day. 
Was brilliant! Will be looking out for courses by him for the rest of our staff! Thanks for a brilliant day! Excellent, inspiring day full of engaging and practical ideas to use with the children. 
Really enjoyed today. Never downloaded so many apps! Can’t wait to use them at school with the children. Really clear and interesting content – loads of things I want to use! Loved clear instruction of iMovie – thanks!  
Fantastic!!! Has really made me think about how to CHANGE my teaching using ICT. I’m hoping to make my lessons more inspiring and engaging for the children.  
Outstanding! Really inspirational and links to real projects show the direct impact, not of the iPads but the creativity and the thought behind the use of the gadgets.  
Fantastic day – Lee was a great course facilitator who kept everyone engaged and interested. Made the day much more enjoyable – Thank you!  
Fabulous, one of the best training days I have ever been on. So useful, inspiring and enjoyable too! 
Brain frazzled by the amount of superb info and guidance, ready to use in the classroom, massive thanks! I would highly recommend to every teacher.  
Fast paced. Engaging. Stimulating, lots of practical ideas to use in the classroom. Loads of cracking ideas which I can’t wait to use back in the classroom. 
Lots of creative uses, just need to disseminate. Really interesting ideas for moving forward with technology to enhance learning in the classroom. 
Going to enjoy sharing this with my colleagues. Lots of very useful apps discussed, ready to disseminate back in school. Really useful apps to use in class. Great bank of ideas now on how to enhance the children’s writing using iPads.  
Fantastic course and delivery! Thank you! 
Fantastic training! I have taken loads of ideas away. It’s wonderful to listen to an inspiring teacher. Thank you! Look forward to telling all the other teachers in my school about the fantastic tools we can use! Really great ideas – creative and practical!  
Found it very useful as someone at the Nursery stage. It has given me more confidence to have a go. 
Super ideas, very informative! Fantastic sessions. Wonderful ideas which can be used across the whole school! Informative, friendly and fun. 
 Very inspiring lots of useful ideas. 
Fantastic day! Good ideas and great hand out etc. Brilliant speaker, fantastic ideas. An excellent course – just need more iPads in school. Lots of wonderful cross curricular links.  
Very inspiring leader. Great use of examples to demonstrate ideas. Great to see examples from children’s work and lesson ideas. Excellent ideas and info. Fantastic delivery of course content! Excellent and inspiring Lots of practical advice that can be taken back into the classroom.  
Just what we needed as a school. How we use our iPads from today will change dramatically thanks to your expertise and introduction of all our useful apps and how we can use them in our class. 
Lots of excellent ideas shared in a clear and informative session.  Super course, great resources and content – followed on twitter and blog for a while and use resources. Excellent Course – Far too many ideas! Where to begin!? Thanks a million!  
Loads of ideas about which apps to buy and how to use them in a creative way. Lots of superb apps! Lots of good practical ideas! 
 Excellent! Practical! Mindblowing! Excellent! Very inspiring to take teaching and learning into the 21st Century! Lots of fantastic ideas to inspire the children and hopefully other staff.  
Thank you He has been brilliant! Great ideas! Great day with useful ideas, thanks!Very confident and knowledgeable. 
Had a good rapport with the room. Very useful, thank you! Absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to try! Fantastic, practical ideas, thank you! Very inspirational, lots of great ideas to use in the classroom. 
WOW! Very useful course, thank you. Very useful and informative. Practical ideas that can be used. Speaker very good, engaged throughout. Very useful and informative. Will take ideas back to school.  
Great course with lots of useful ideas for the classroom! Thank you – a great day! Very useful – fast paced and informative. Great for the new cross-curricular approach. A wide range of ideas to use across KS1 and KS2. 
Very inspirational. Lots of practical ideas – Excellent delivery. Lots of great ideas

And for those on the course the picture above hopefully sums it up!


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