Top Trump it across the Curriculum!

Top Trumps is a popular game enjoyed by millions worldwide! The new free app 'Top Trump it,' give you the ability to make your own set of Top Trump Cards. This can be used as a tool in so many different ways! I want to share a few!

For plenty of other ideas on using Top Trumps in the classroom, especially in Numeracy, check out The Numeracy Shed's Page here. 

When you load the app you have to create a username and password, you can then make a top trump by adding a picture, using the camera or choosing from the photo library. Then you can add a title and add three stat and values. It would be great if you could add more, but it is just limited to three currently. There is a range of different backgrounds you can pick from before saving the card to the camera roll.

Here are a few quick ideas, that came to mind when playing with this app:


Why not test children's understanding of a story by asking them to make Top Trump cards for characters in their reading book -

Or use it to review books children have read and have these on hand in class for others to read, or even for a display, would link great with this idea -

Children could use it to evaluate each other's writing as a sentence or paragraph. A scoring system could be generated for children to use as they evaluate the writing -


Properties of 2D or 3D shapes - 

Cross Curricular

Use it for children to share knowledge about famous historical figures within a topic -

Use to classify and sort materials in a science investigation, same can be done for animals or science topics - 

Use it in a PSHCE lesson and have children make Top Trump cards about others in the class to demonstrate their individual talents - 

And I am sure there are hundreds of different ways in which you can use this idea across the curriculum. If you have an idea, please tweet me - @ict_mrp or comment on this post. Please if you do share these ideas, have the courtesy to mention the blog from where it came from.

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