Real Life Learning on the iPad!

I am a massive fan of using real life situations for children to develop their learning in different ways. Having a real life stimulus makes learning relevant for children. The 'Mathematics Apprenticeship,' by Gareth Metcalfe is a perfect example of this. A fantastic resource for gifted and talented mathematicians to apply their skills into real word contexts.

I have previously blogged about the use of simulation apps as a stimulus in class here.

I have come across a couple of apps that have great potential for cross curricular real life projects. The first is KeyPlan 3D. This short little video will demonstrate what the app entails -

The potential to this app in the classroom is incredible! Children have to apply their knowledge of measurements if they were to redesign the classroom or create a replica of a room. They could use it for a project to design their own house, contact an estate agent to price up the property and even read then write some adverts for their creations - see some tips here. I will be using this app in some shape or form over the next few weeks and will share the results, so keep an eye out for that.

I have been fortunate to get some free codes for Keyplan 3D, which will be up for grabs on my Facebook page -

Another app that was recommended to me by Steve from iPad Educators is Storest. Again, here is a short video demonstrating the app -

Storest from Pixle on Vimeo.

At first, I thought this was would be incredible in the EYFS classroom, as a potential role play area. However used this app in Year 4 this week in numeracy to again apply their maths skills in a real life situation.

I asked the children to shop for three items, they then had to total the basket before putting the items through the till. This meant they could use the till to check whether their calculations were correct. They then had to work out which notes and coins could be used to pay so they didn't receive any change. The children lapped this challenge up and it quickly turned into finding the most expensive three items, three items that would equal exactly £100 etc. There are so many possible variants to play with this app and I know the children will enjoy using this app to solve different problems and challenges.

Over the weekend I will have some free codes for this app up for grabs too - visit

Another app very similar to this is Motion Math: Pizza! this app challenges the children to run their own Pizza shop by purchasing ingredients, creating different types of Pizza and then selling them to customers! Check out this video (the app is available in £ as well as $)

The team behind Motion Math have created a range of other useful maths apps and are looking for teachers to test and feedback their apps. You can find more details here -


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