Creating our own Kensuke's Kingdom!

The Year 5 topic in Autumn is the great Michael Morpurgo book 'Kensuke's Kingdom.' In the past when I have worked with Year 5 we have done plenty of lessons on this topic on the iPads including -
Today we used the iPads to create some of our own islands based on the story. First step was to create a replica of the island. To do this we read a passage from the story. The children quickly sketched out an image of the island based on this extract.

Then I asked the children to create a more detailed version in Minecraft. Minecraft is a fantastic tool for children to build and create anything! I have previously blogged about the potential to using Minecraft here. And also as a writing stimulus here. Today it was used more as a guided reading task where children had to recreate the setting based on reading part of the story. Here is a short video explaining everything we did - 

Which led to the children creating this - 


  1. How did you make those panoramas using shadow puppet? They're really effective!


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