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Getting Creative with Keynote

I am not going to lie, I am very jealous of all the amazing teachers attending the Global ADE 2018 summit in Texas. I have been closely following the hashtag #WWADE2018 and #EveryoneCanCreate and enjoying some of the amazing content being created and shared.

It has reminded me of all the brilliant new additions to the Keynote app and inspired me to try some with a project with my children. They are going on a school trip tomorrow to the zoo and so created this animated quiz about animals:

Keynote has been an app that I have used personally in my CPD and training sessions for years. Essentially, it is Apple's version of Powerpoint. At the UK ADE summit last year I was very fortunate to get a one to one tutorial with a Keynote expert, Alan Rosenfield, who really opened my eyes to creating engaging content to support my training sessions. More recently, Apple have announced a number of new updates to Keynote which take the app beyond a simple presentation app to an incredibly powerfu…

#TeacherLife according to Love Island Vol. 3


Our Classroom Zoo

There have been plenty of occasions when my classroom has resembled a zoo!

But today, through Augmented Reality, we actually turned our EYFS classroom into a real zoo!
I've blogged about different ways you can use Augmented Reality (you can read them here) and it never ceases to amaze pupils and bring that moment of awe and wonder that technology can provide.
The app we used today was LEO AR camera. Using Apple's ARkit, the app allows you to scan the ground and place 3D animated objects into the real world. 
There are a range of different objects you can add including different animals and dinosaurs. There is a horror option which may not be appropriate for your pupils. Today, we just used this app on my teacher device.  
There is a record option which allows you to video the animated object within the scene alongside your pupils. This is a little buggy at the minute so today we just used the screen record option of the iPad to capture the interaction between the pupils and a…

#TeacherLife according to Love Island Vol.2


#TeacherLife according to Love Island Vol. 1

I am sure there are many teachers working tirelessly to get all their marking finished by 9pm each night so they can sit in front of the TV and enjoy another cracking series of Love Island.

Since the new series started I can't help myself turning little clips from the show into memes to share on Instagram about life as a teacher. So here they are (Volume 1) all in one place for you to enjoy:

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Creating Our Own Proverbs

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One of the best things about teaching is what children say that just astounds you. Sometimes the discussion and conversations you have with children can just completely blow you away. Don't get me wrong they often make you chuckle and laugh but when faced with a more serious conversation, I am always amazed at the depth some children show.

Today I had an amazing morning with Year 2 looking at proverbs.

I introduced the idea of a proverb as - A proverb is a simple and concrete saying, popularly known and repeated, that expresses a truth based on common sense or experience. They are often metaphorical.

We also discussed a couple of examples, including:

Don't count your chickens before they have hatched. 
We discussed the meaning behind this beyond the literal and examples - England fans who think we will win the World Cup because we won our opening game
I then shared this document which had examples of famous proverbs but only the first part to them. You …

Making our own Interactive Avengers Story Cubes

Before I start discussing what we did, it is only right to share where the original idea for this project came from. This blog post by the brilliant @Joe_Moretti gave me the inspiration for this project - AR STORYCUBES PROJECT

I have been using my iPad with my children to support them with their reading journal homework for a while now. My boys struggle with their handwriting and find it very onerous to write even though they have some great ideas.

As discussed by @MrTullock at the Animate2Educate conference last week, technology should be used to enable children to show their knowledge and understanding even if they struggle with an element such as decoding or handwriting or spelling. I loved a quote he shared, and I have linked it in a poster to the story @CarolJAllen shared around the latest BGT winner.

I want to use technology so my children and pupils can create content to express themselves, their knowledge and their understanding.

Making our own Interactive Avengers Story Cube …