Shape Lab - Fantastic app for properties of Shape

The latest app from the fantastic team at Shiny Things (the team behind the great Quick Math bundle) is Shape Lab.

This app is fantastic for children learning about different shapes, their properties and measurements.

When looking through the new Numeracy curriculum and the objectives for properties of shape and position & direction, most can be covered using this brilliant app.

Children can simply draw their own shapes using their own fingers and the shape will appear. Children can choose from a range of backgrounds include centimetre paper, four quadrants, dotted papers and triangular graphed paper.

When shapes are created, they are filled in a colour which can be made transparent making it easy for children to work out the area of the shape with the cm paper as the background.

Images can also be added as the background meaning children can clearly identify a range of different shapes within a picture.

Children can easily create Tangrams and then also work out the perimeter or area.

The Shiny Things team have also put together a range of useful lesson plans for teachers to access in relation to the app. These can be found here.

So whether it is investigating the properties of shapes, angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, co-ordinates, translation, scaling or any other part of the shape and space curriculum, this app is a must!

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