Real Life Learning on the iPad - Examples from Class

Last week, I blogged about a few apps I have discovered that challenge the children to apply their understanding and knowledge in real life situations. YOU CAN READ THE BLOG POST BY CLICKING HERE.

Today I tried a couple of them with our Year 3 children who relished every minute using these apps!

In Numeracy, we used Motion Math: Pizza! This app is brilliant! The children were instantly hooked! There are so many aspects of this game that get children thinking carefully. They start with a budget of £50 have to buy ingredients, design a pizza and then decide how much it should be sold for in comparison how much it cost to make. They then have to deal with customers who buy different amounts of pizzas. They have to answer quickly before the customer loses their patience and leaves. The children may run out of ingredients, have customers who feel the pizza is overpriced. After each day the children are shown what profit they have made and can then buy more ingredients and make more pizzas. As the game progresses other shops open to buy ingredients so children need to compare prices to find the best deals for their stock.

It was one of the best numeracy lessons we have had. The children realised the importance of knowing their times tables, seeing where it would be used in real life. They worked fantastically well together to try and build the biggest profit they were having to solve problems and think quickly. I will be on the hunt for other games similar to this, and for £2.49 it is definitely worth every penny.
The learning wouldn't need to stop at the app, just yesterday I came across this wonderful blog post from @Ideas_Factory - CLICK HERE, which would make great connections to Literacy.

We then moved on to using Keyplan 3D. This fantastic app allows children to build their own house and then decorate the interior by adding a wide range of furniture. The children worked in pairs to create their own house. They worked brilliantly well, discussing ideas and collaboratively designing a house with bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garden and other special rooms. 

Once the children had finished their designs, we looked on for examples of property descriptions. The children used the iVisualiser app to highlight effective vocabulary, here is an example - 

The children then wrote their own descriptions about their properties. They then narrated their writing over pictures of their houses in iMovie to create impressive videos of their creations. Here are some of their examples - 

One group experimented with a couple of other apps including Tellagami Edu, Doink Greenscreen, iMovie and the record feature in Airserver - 

All in all a great day in Year 3 today! And already we have had feedback from the professionals - 

This was an email we received from another estate agent -
Hi Lee,
It looks like a great program you have here. The way the houses were presented are the same as we use online everyday for floor plans and virtual tours. 
The descriptions on the first and fourth properties were great. They really highlighted the unique selling points of their properties, which is a vital asset in the sales process. 

I think if any of the properties were on the open market then number 4 would sell the quickest. The rooms in the property flowed well, clear USP's and bungalows tend to sell well. It is a property that would tick a lot of boxes for potential buyers. 
The sale of a property comes down to three key points they are the location, price and property itself. All of these properties have unique aspects, non are the same and if they were to come onto the market they would all be priced at different levels. The third property for example was the largest and most grand therefore would probably achieve a higher figure than the others but the area could affect that.
Ed Wright
Senior Sales Negotiator
Sell Simple Estate Agency


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