Alan Peat presents... Using Technology to deliver the New Primary Curriculum - 4th November

"A fantastic course - the best I have ever been on! There were so many useful and practical ideas that I'm going to take back to school with me." 

The course took place on Tuesday 4th November at the Riverside Stadium in Middlesborough. The aims of the day were to provide teachers with a range of ideas and strategies to successfully use technology through different web tools and iPad apps to enhance learning in Numeracy, Literacy and other cross curriculum subjects.

This conference is being repeated in the following places -

18th November - Peterborough

8th December - London

27th January - Walsall

Places are available on all the above courses and just follow the link for details to book.

The feedback from the conference was incredible, I am so thankful to everyone for their kind words, was lovely to hear how much you enjoyed it!

Evaluation forms - 32 attendees

30 - Rated the Speaker as Excellent for content and delivery
2 - Rated the speaker as good for content and delivery

Comments - 
"A fantastic course - the best I have ever been on! There were so many useful and practical ideas that I'm going to take back to school with me." 
"Been teaching a long time. Best course I've been on in years. Many thanks. Really inspired me to use iPads in lessons." 
"Lee Parkinson put us at ease and then unleashed an incredible day of inspiration and ideas. Mind blown! Some great tips, ideas and advice which I hope to implement." 
"WOW! Just wonderful, itching to get things up and running. The children need this! Thank you!" 
"Full of great and inspiring ideas. I'm sure this is going to help my school move to the next level in terms of enhancing ICT and the curriculum." 
"Very useful - will definitely share with staff. Can't wait to try ideas and adapt for my own classroom. Well worth sitting 2 hours in traffic for!" 
"Very engaging and easy to follow. Lee was great, he had a good sense of humour and delivered the training well. He sounds like a great, creative teacher!" 
"Really useful content. Brilliant ideas to use in lessons. Great to see examples, love the fact that Lee is still in school so is able to practice what he preaches." 
"Loads of great ideas very well explained and clearly demonstrated. Lots to take back to the classroom - Thank you very much" 
"Your children are very lucky to have such a creative teacher!" 
"Informative, interesting, loads of useful ideas! Didn't have a clue how to use the iPads we have in school. Now I do! Thank you very much!" 
"Really exciting and inspiring - loads of practical ideas to use straight away and some to go on my wishlist!" 
"Excellent, practical delivery, loads of ideas!" 
"Really engaging and inspiring, I look forward to putting the content into practice." 
"Thank you for all of the very practical ideas and resource tips. There's loads I can use! A great speaker!" 
"A fantastic day. So much to think about. Want my school iPad now. Thank you!" 
"Massively useful ideas that can easily be implemented in the classroom." 
"Very inspirational, thank you." 
"Superb! Found it extremely useful. Now to go home to play with my iPad!!" 
"An amazing day full of inspirational, practical ideas that teachers can actually use! Thank you!" 
"Inspirational ideas. Brilliant delivery from a real teacher to real teachers." 
"Can't wait to go home and try these out. Brilliant day. Thank you!" 
"Great practical ideas. Lots of things to take back to school." 
"Can't wait to get back into school to use all those ideas. Thank you. Will be recommending you to all!" 
"Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed session, so much to go and do. Can't wait to start using ideas!" 
"Brilliant, great practical ideas, lots to think about, inspired to use iPads more." 
"A fantastic day with lots of ideas which were clearly demonstrated." 
"A really interesting invaluable route to get iPads to be used across the curriculum."

A massive thank you to everyone who came and for all your kind feedback!


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