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More Keynote Awesomeness

#EveryoneCanCreate is a hashtag I have very much enjoyed following since the ADE summit in Texas this month. From some of the ideas I had seen, my son created this before his school trip to the zoo:

Click here for a more detailed description of what we did to create this video.
It was this tweet from Matthew Pullen which inspired this latest idea:
It’s been a labour of love but I wanted to share how I created it. Shout out to all those that shared the original concept, @BenMountz@WesMolyneaux et al. I never thought I could draw but now I have the right tools in — Mathew Pullen 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@Mat6453) July 22, 2018
Following the thread, @JoeDale then suggested an app which might make the Video to still image stage a little easier:

Great job. With the Video 2 Photo app you can export multiple frames to the camera roll in one tap which may make this rotoscope workflow quicker…

#TeacherLife according to Love Island Vol. 4


Getting Creative with Keynote

I am not going to lie, I am very jealous of all the amazing teachers attending the Global ADE 2018 summit in Texas. I have been closely following the hashtag #WWADE2018 and #EveryoneCanCreate and enjoying some of the amazing content being created and shared.

It has reminded me of all the brilliant new additions to the Keynote app and inspired me to try some with a project with my children. They are going on a school trip tomorrow to the zoo and so created this animated quiz about animals:

Keynote has been an app that I have used personally in my CPD and training sessions for years. Essentially, it is Apple's version of Powerpoint. At the UK ADE summit last year I was very fortunate to get a one to one tutorial with a Keynote expert, Alan Rosenfield, who really opened my eyes to creating engaging content to support my training sessions. More recently, Apple have announced a number of new updates to Keynote which take the app beyond a simple presentation app to an incredibly powerfu…

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Our Classroom Zoo

There have been plenty of occasions when my classroom has resembled a zoo!

But today, through Augmented Reality, we actually turned our EYFS classroom into a real zoo!
I've blogged about different ways you can use Augmented Reality (you can read them here) and it never ceases to amaze pupils and bring that moment of awe and wonder that technology can provide.
The app we used today was LEO AR camera. Using Apple's ARkit, the app allows you to scan the ground and place 3D animated objects into the real world. 
There are a range of different objects you can add including different animals and dinosaurs. There is a horror option which may not be appropriate for your pupils. Today, we just used this app on my teacher device.  
There is a record option which allows you to video the animated object within the scene alongside your pupils. This is a little buggy at the minute so today we just used the screen record option of the iPad to capture the interaction between the pupils and a…

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