Sainsbury's Christmas Advert 2014

Another amazing advert was released in time for Christmas, which can be used as a great stimulus in class! Here is the video -


The video tells the story of British and German WW1 soldiers stopping the trench warfare for one day - Christmas Day.

This advert reminded me of a short story written by Michael Morpurgo, which you can view HERE.

The links that can be made here to the recent Remembrance Day celebrations along with the 100 year centenary.

This resource from the British Council may be useful - CLICK HERE.

As well as this fantastic Football Remembers pack, click the picture -

The writing opportunities in this pack are fantastic so do please have a look!

Please share any work you produce with your class with me and I will link it on this post. 

Here is a padlet wall with more ideas from @Watsed


  1. It is an amazing advert and resource.
    I've made a padlet to collect ideas for it's use in the run up to Christmas

  2. I've created a history lesson enquiry in which students evaluate the advert as an historical source. Full lesson overview and linksvto resources at


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