Remembrance Day Activities

Although Remembrance Day has passed, I wanted to share a couple of activities we did across our school to learn about this important and significant day.

In KS1, the pupils created videos using the fantastic Adobe Spark Video app to share their knowledge and understanding about Armistice Day; how it happened and how we remember it.

Here is one of their examples:

In KS2, the pupils created greenscreen videos as paperboys sharing the news about the end of the Great War. Brilliant little task which challenged the children to think about abstraction and constraints with their writing. They had to be paper boys spreading the news about Armistice day. The challenge was to grab people’s attention but it had to be short, almost speak in headlines. The boys in the video would love to hear what you think, so please leave them a comment! 

Watch this space, as this will be developed into a READWRITEPERFORM pack soon. 

As a whole school, we created a Padlet wall for families to share stories of relatives who served for our country. It was a great way to make Remembrance Day more personal. Read more about this idea here.


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