Mr P's Top Ten Videos of 2017

Earlier this week, I did a Facebook live video sharing my top 5 apps of the year. You can watch it here.

It made me reflect on 2017 and what an amazing year it has been. Especially when it comes to my social media channels. It has been a year where the videos I make about life as a teacher have had such an amazing response from you guys. I thought I would compile a top ten list of videos from my page based on views from Facebook, I hope you enjoy:

10 - What would Love Island look like in a Primary School Staffroom? 383k Views

9 - Teacher One-Liners 384k views

8 - Teachers in Summer 523k views

7 - Different Teachers in a Singing Assembly 623k views

5 - Things Teachers Never Say When Writing Reports - 634k Views

4 - Why Teachers Can't Sleep on a Sunday 728k Views

3 - How Teachers Walk Down The Corridor - 2.5m views

2 - #BeLikeTheRenegade Series - Combined over 3.5m Views. Here is the YouTube Playlist of all the adventures with Mrs May, make sure you subscribe!

1 - Now That's What I Call Being a Teacher Series - Combined over 4m views. Here is the YouTube Playlist of every Volume, please make sure you subscribe!

I hope you enjoy this list, plenty more planned for 2018. Again, I would love to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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