Plotagraph app - Adding more to photos

Firstly, a massive shout out to @MrPieLee as it was on his Instagram page where I first saw this app in action. 

I love using visuals in my teaching, I love allowing my pupils to use technology to create and share their understanding through the use of visuals.

I love the Live Photo feature in newer Apple devices which brings photos to life by recording what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. I previously blogged about Live Photos and how we used the app Quik to share our recent Year 6 residential with parents. You can read it here.

This is an example of a video where we used the live photo option.

The added movement adds so much more when sharing and presenting. This was a message that came through when I attended a session at the recent Apple ADE summit. The app Plotagraph is a fantastic tool to add animation to a photo. 

The app isn't the cheapest, at roughly around a £5, it is more on the expensive side for an app. However, it is a great tool to bring pictures to life. 

Very simple and easy to use:

The Animation Tool to bring the image to life. Simply choose which direction you want the picture to move. 

Use the mask tool to select the part of the picture which will stay static.

The Erase Tool allows you to be more precise with the editing.

The Anchor points allow you to pin areas that won't move. 

Then you should be able to create something like this:

A picture of my kids at the park with the sky moving. This image has been saved as a GIF which came as a recent update within the app. You can export the finished product as a video or GIF. 

Here is another example of a video:

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Although I have yet to use the app in the classroom I think it will be a great addition to some of the creative apps I use. It will integrate brilliantly with other apps like Book Creator, Explain Everything, Adobe Spark Video and Keynote. It can also provide an exciting way to bring text to life to compliment and enhance reading and writing. It is something I am definitely going to use in the classroom in the new year so I'll be sure to share what the children create.

Talking of apps to enhance photographs, my good friend @ICTEvangelist recently blogged about some other useful apps for editing and improving pictures. Check it out here.

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