5 Facebook Groups Every Primary Teacher Should Join

Social Media is such a powerful tool to use in the classroom. I talk about this a lot on my training; demonstrating how it can be used to enhance learning in lots of different ways in the classroom and beyond.

As a teacher, I love using social media as a CPD tool. I have always been a massive advocate of using twitter as a teacher. One of my early blog posts talks about why every teacher should be on twitter, you can view it here. 

Personally, I now find Facebook to be an excellent way to discover new ideas, share resources and gain inspiring insights and views on everything education related. There are a wealth of Facebook groups where you can post questions, share ideas and resources and learn from some amazing teachers all over the world.

The reason why I would recommend joining these groups is that it gives you a platform to ask questions beyond your school walls. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a school where the other staff aren't as supportive or have a particular way of doing things that you may not necessarily agree with. Being able to discuss and ask questions through these groups is a great way to build your PLN. A word of warning though, you may get a little carried away scrolling through posts on these groups, where hours have passed before you put your phone down!

Here are 5 of my favourite Facebook Teacher groups:

With over 70k members, this group is a fantastic forum to share, learn and find some fantastic resources to use in the classroom. Another similar page is Teachers - sharing ideas and resources.

For more of a specific focus as far as year group, the Year 3/4 group has over 20,000 teachers who regularly post questions, share resources and discuss all things relating to Lower KS2. There is also a Year 5/6 group and a Year 6 teachers group you can join too. If you are part of the SLT in your school, you may also find Primary School Leaders useful. 

Or if you are looking for more subject specific groups, try Primary Maths Subject Leaders. These groups are more subject focused, so if you are the maths subject leader in your school, I am sure you will get a lot from this group. There is also Reading for Pleasure in SchoolsPrimary Teachers' Writing and SPaG Support Page and ICT and Computing Teachers.

As Seesaw is one of the best tools I use as a teacher, this group has been invaluable as far as learning about the app, asking any questions, suggesting improvements and learning about new updates. It is also worth mentioning that Book Creator has a group for teachers too. 

Ok, so my page isn't exactly a group but there are a wealth of teachers all over the world who follow and like the page. I have teachers regularly messaging asking for advice or ideas. I try my best to answer as many as I can, however, when I am stumped I always ask people to use the post to page option. Here, everyone who follows the page can read and hopefully answer the question. 

I am sure there are plenty of other pages and groups teachers can join to help them build their PLN and find ideas, resources and have questions answered and discussed. I just wanted to share a couple of groups that I use regularly. 

If you feel I have missed a really useful Facebook group, please share the link in the comments of this post. 

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