TextingStory in the Classroom

So last week, I made this tongue in cheek video all about the struggles of dating a teacher using the app TextingStory:

I have been thinking about how to use this FREE app in the classroom. Here are a few ideas I have:

  • It is a great way to teach how to punctuate direct speech. Similar to this idea I blogged a while ago (click here.) The app will help children visualise that the words spoken including the punctuation goes inside the speech bubble, so they must remember to put the words and punctuation in our inverted commas. You also see that we start a new line whenever a new character speaks. 
  • The addition of emojis 😃 can also then help the development of adverbial phrases for the reporting clause.
  • You can have a conversation between two characters to show shifts in formality. 
  • The app can be used to have a simple conversation in another language such as French or Spanish to enhance your MFL lessons.
  • As you can see from the example above, the app allows you to think out a text without actually sending it. This could be a great way to show how two historical figures communicated by saying one thing but meaning something else. 
  • The above idea also lends itself to conversations between two characters from a story. Romeo and Juliet, Mr Stink and Sophie, Michael and Skellig for example. 
  • You could even create your own story through texting between two characters.
  • You could ask the children to produce awareness videos about cyberbullying.
  • Create knock knock or other wordplay jokes.
  • Or similar to the idea above, allow the children to make a video about their life. When your parents ask you to clean your room for example. 
  • A teacher could create a conversation to present a maths challenge or word problem.
  • Using a song such as Justin Bieber's Let me Love you, you can tell the story of the song through a text conversation. 

I would love to hear how you guys use the app so please do comment and let me know!


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