AutoDraw - Autocorrect for your doodles!

Now when it comes to the curriculum, I would never consider myself an 'expert' in any area. I am passionate about many areas and feel I can be creative through computing to benefit most of the curriculum. But I want to let you into a little secret... I am terrible at Art. My drawing skills are woeful, I appreciate the subject and see the wonderful benefits and creativity it provides but I usually start every art lesson like:

Even through technology, I have never been able to find an app or program that can take my dreadful efforts and turn them into something resembling what I had intended to draw. 


Yesterday, I came across this amazing web-based tool - AutoDraw. Here is a short video explaining how it works:

It is like an autocorrect for your doodles! Amazing!

The website works on every device and is a great way to quickly create an image to be used in lots of other apps or programs for presentations, infographics, videos etc. An easy and quick way to create an image and import into keynote, adobe spark, shadow puppets edu to name but a few. 

It adds another dimension for how children can be creative with the way they present, share, demonstrate and explain their learning. 

Would love to see how you and your pupils use this fantastic tool!


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