For Sale: Millennium Falcon, two previous owners...

Over the past couple of weeks, my digital leaders have been working hard creating their own videos to convince the Star Wars Galaxy to buy the Millennium Falcon.

They have researched and noted all the unique selling points, considered the language to help persuade the viewer and used their voice to help entice you into the sale.

Here is an example of their writing:

Once the writing was completed it was time to bring it to life. We decided to multi-app and use the apps PuppetPals 2 and Doink Greenscreen.

PuppetPals 2 is a great app which allows you to create your own animations. There is a range of setting and characters but also the ability to add your own backgrounds or add yourself as a character. We had a background video of the Millennium Falcon. As the app doesn't allow you to add videos as a background, we decided to use a greenscreen background. The students then recording their performance on the app and saved their effort to the camera roll.

The students then used the Doink Greenscreen app to add their Millenium Falcon background. Which had clips from YouTube and the Star Wars app to give a tour of the Millenium Falcon. If you want to download a copy of this background video, click here. 

It created a very effective finished video, what do you think? Have we managed to get you to part with your galactic credit? 


  1. What great fun! YOur children are wonderful. One small step at a time for me. Just setting up an after school coding club. But maybe one day....

  2. Wow! I love it - very clever, well done! I'm in, but for 19,000 credits - do we have a deal? X

  3. Excellent. Enjoyed this in my sessions.


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