A great idea for your next PE lesson!

I had to share this amazing idea I came across on Facebook:

So firstly, a massive thank you to West Elementary School for sharing this idea! To do this with your class, all you need is a projector, an apple TV or laptop with Airserver and a tablet or iPhone. On the tablet or mobile device, download the app Jitterbug

The app is made for cats, when the bugs are pressed on the screen they disappear, but I love how the app can be used in the way suggested in the video above. 

So if you have the app open on your device and have this mirrored to the projector via airserver or apple TV, ask the children to throw balls at the wall. The teacher will need to then press the screen of the tablet if the children manage to hit the target on the wall. 

I know I will be trying it in my next PE lesson!


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