Fruitastic learning in Year 1

Year 1's topic this half term is Fruitastic. As always, I have been exploring how technology can be used to enhance this topic!

Last week, we created some typography pictures of different fruits using the name of the fruit. We focused on our spellings and what the fruits looked like. Here are some of their examples -

This week we took it a step further by exploring more properties about different fruits! So the children created short videos as different fruits. Using the app Funny Movie Maker and some of the Funny Faces, the children cut out the mouth and replaced it with their mouths using the camera and recorded a short video sharing what they know about that particular fruit -

To put all the children's videos together, we used the brilliant app - Thinglink. I have previously blogged about using this idea here and here. Thinglink allows you to make a picture interactive by adding weblinks and videos. The image is then saved online and can be shared and embedded into blogs and other social media platforms! Here is the Year 1 Fruitastic Thinglink. Just click the picture and press any play icon - 

This idea can easily be adapted for KS2 by encouraging children to go into more depth about the vital nutrients each fruit or vegetable gives us and what that does to our body. This would cover the following science objective from the new curriculum -

Sc3/2.2a    identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat
This idea can easily be adapted to other curriculum areas, such as geography -

Or this idea from my eBook - 15 iPad lessons for KS2 History where the children created an interactive Tudor family tree -

If you would like a step by step guide to the above idea, you can now download a PDF copy of 15 iPad lessons for KS2 history for half price, just £1.50!!!
Please follow the instructions to the end to be taken to the download link!


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