Bringing Characters to life!

There are plenty of apps available on the app store where children can record themselves as different characters, here are some of my recommendations -
Morfo Booth is my favourite, the ability to enhance the image into a 3D animation and add facial expressions is fantastic for the classroom. Another app with lots of potential for use in the classroom is the newly discovered Face Swap Live!

The app allows you to swap faces and record a video. This in itself makes it a hilarious app and one for use outside of the classroom. 

The other feature allows you to place your face into a picture of a famous celebrity, historical figure, storybook character - the possibilities are endless. The app tracks and maps your face meaning that you can really bring characters to life through the student's own acting. The app has a selection of famous faces or you can load one from the camera roll or search online directly within the app. This makes the app a great way for children to demonstrate and share their learning about a person's life or their personality based on what they have read in a book or from doing research!

Here is a short video about the app - 

Having only discovered the app over the weekend, I have yet to use it with a class, however have been experimenting with my children! 

Here is the face swap feature 😂😂😂😂- 

The photo aspect has two options - Either mask your own face -

Or add your face into a photo - 

 As you can see, there are so many possibilities for using this app in and outside of the classroom! As a guided reading activity to further explore a character to enhancing topic and history lessons by bringing historical figures to life. The children will be able to use their own facial expression to really demonstrate their understanding about different characters.

For more creative ways to bring the curriculum to life, please visit this link to see how Mr P can help your school and staff -


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