Improving Reading and Writing through the use of popular Children's Movies and Media - 6th October 2016, Thornton Hall Hotel

Thanks to everyone who came to the conference yesterday. John and I, had a great day sharing ideas and techniques to Improve Reading and Writing through the use of popular children's movies and media.

31 Evaluations

28 rated the content of the speakers as excellent
3 rated the content of the speakers as good
28 rated the delivery of the speakers as excellent
3 rated the delivery of the speakers as good


"Very professional delivery. Easy to use ideas for immediate integration in the classroom. Thanks for a brilliant day. Cant wait for Inside Out tonight!"
"Absolutely amazing, so motivated to go back and try some new ideas. What an amazing day, thank you! "
"Fantastic delivery. Inspiring session with lots of ideas to take back to school. Great day :)"
"Great day - motivational. Lots of ideas to take back to school and share with class. Really enjoyed it! :)"
"Loads of ideas, fantastic day thank you!"
"Excellent engaging training, really enjoyed it. Gained a full list of ideas to use back at school."
"Loads of useful ideas that i will be implementing in the classroom!"
"A wealth of super ideas linked to writing. I especially loved the links to green screen. I can see so many writing opportunities. Thank you for a wonderful day!"
"Well delivered as well as interactive through ideas and things."
"So many ideas that i can use! Very inspiring and engaging."
"Fantastic, excellent delivery. Feeling inspired!"
"Lots of ideas to be used in class!"
"Excellent ideas for teaching Literacy, making it more engaging and creative. Keep up the good work! Fantastic training!"
"Lots of ideas to try in class and share with other members of staff."
"Great day - Thanks!"
"Lots of great ideas to go away with and reflect on how to improve my practice! An inspiring day! Thanks!"
"Exciting ideas for teaching reading and writing. Look forward to using some of the ideas and watching the impact. Great course thank you!"
"Enjoyed the day! I have got lots of ideas to feedback to school. A great day, well paced!"
"Very informative day once again, lots of ideas to go and use in the classroom. I just need more time now to find other videos. Great day! Love the idea of using music and creating own video. Thanks!"
"Great ideas shared. Full of ideas to take back to class."
"So many useful ideas to use in class. The children will LOVE it (and me)! Brilliant day all round."
"A wealth of ideas! Very motivated to get started. Lived up to high expectations :)"
"Very inspiring!"
 "Fantastic apps and ideas."
"Enjoyable, engaging. Lots of great ideas. Inspirational and easy totake back to the classroom. Love the dual narrative and developed more understanding of emotional dexterity."
"Very informative, well presented and thought priviking. Presenters very knowledgable. Gave me lots to think about  - am sure i will be analysing all disney films in the future!"
"Very approachable and engaging speakers that had fantastic knowledge."
"Loved the content and the exciting themes, e.g: Disney."
"Very good content - helpful suggestions for iPad apps/ideas cross curricular links. "

We are looking at repeating the conference at other venues before the end of the academic year! Watch this space for more information!


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