Decorating my house with Augmented Reality

To say I am a fan of Augmented Reality is an understatement! I feel it is a very powerful tool to enhance and transform learning in many ways, from inspiring writing to sharing and displaying children's work.

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After months of worrying and stress, we have finally bought our first family home. This half term we have taken baby steps in decorating our house and decorated one wall as a way to keep memories of all our precious holidays abroad -

We bought a world map wall sticker and framed a picture from every holiday we have been on since we met. Obviously it is a work in process and hopefully we will be able to add more to it over the years. 

I felt that one picture wasn't enough and wanted to link more pictures of each holiday to this and so used Augmented Reality through the app Aurasma. I created a private channel and linked Flipagram videos of each holiday with some music to each framed picture that is now the trigger image. 

I can share my private channel with family and will be able to continue to add a video to each picture we put on the wall in the future. 

Using my mobile or any mobile that has Aurasma and a link to the channel is able to scan the trigger image and watch the video of other pictures from the holiday with a song that takes us back to that time. 

So if I am ever having a bad day, I can just scan one of the pictures and reminisce about wonderful places and amazing memories we have created.

Here is what it all looks like -  


  1. Absolutely fantastic idea! I'm a PGCE student and am thoroughly enjoying your ICT blog. Looking forward to trying some of your ideas out in the classroom! Keep the fantastic ideas coming please!


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