Should Minecraft be used in School?

Any followers of this blog will know my answer to this question, however as a stimulus for children, I knew it would be something they would want to write about and I was not disappointed! Even though, the children didn't touch or play Minecraft in anyway, just discussing the game had them completely enthralled and focused throughout the day.

Over the past few days I have been asking teachers all around the world to give me their opinions on using Minecraft in the classroom and I want to thank everyone for contributing, (especially if you purposely gave the opposing reason just to help us!)

This is a link to the form - Should Minecraft be used in School?

The response in only a couple of days was overwhelming -

Feel free to use this form and all the reasons suggested. The children looked through all the data and picked three for and three arguments against. They then wrote a discussion text.

As always, we couldn't just leave it in the book. Using an app I first came across through the brilliant @digitalroadtrip and his great blog #8ipads. Bossjock is a great app to create podcasts and radio programmes and that it what the children did. Using apps like text to speech and garageband to compose their own jingles and background music. This was uploaded to our Audioboom channel, here are some examples - 

Very excited to say that my book - 50+ iPad lessons for Exciting Sentences, co-written with Alan Peat, is now on its way to the printers! I will share a way to pre order the book soon. But hoping for it to be ready late December/Early January!

I have also finished my next book, which I am very excited about! It  will be a while before that one will be ready but if you like the above idea, you will love the book!

Remember if you want me to visit your school and run training for your staff to demonstrate how to use technology to raise standards in the classroom - visit here.


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