Combining Literacy with Coding with the Adventure Creator App!

The question is always asked - "How should we use the iPad to cover the coding and programming aspects of the new Computing curriculum?" I usually answer by listing a range of apps that will challenge children to write and debug different programs and algorithms. I recommend websites like from @DrChips_ or @SimonHaughton's fantastic websites - and
I then normally advise not to spend hundreds of pounds on different schemes of work to teach it but simply use twitter and find lessons usually better that what can be found in certain schemes.

I have never ran training focusing specifically on programming or coding as for me I don't feel it is a strength of mine. I was never really taught it at school myself and honestly am not blown away with enthusiasm about it. My use of technology focuses more on using it as a cross curricular tool and showing how embedding it can impact on learning in the core areas. However a new app that has recently been released by the fantastic @Joe_Moretti looks like it will be able to combine both Literacy and Coding! Introducing 'The Adventure Creator!"  download it now for just £2.49 from the App Store.

I first came across this app after downloading @Joe_Moretti's FREE eBook - The Comprehensive Guide to Computing in the Classroom iPad. The app features in the eBook and is clearly demonstrated with videos and descriptions so there isn't much point me copying and pasting it here.

But this app looks very promising and could easily be used to inspire story writing or even challenge children to recreate a version of a story they have read. The ability to create their own point and click game and coding it themselves will certainly motivate and engage pupils!

I am excited to give this a go with some upper KS2 children and watch this space for the results! You can find more about the app here -


  1. Great find! If this is made easily accessible for the children it could have great learning potential!


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