The 12 iPad lessons of Christmas!

I am very excited to announce that my latest eBook - The 12 iPad lessons of Christmas, is available on the iBook store now!

This new eBook contains 12 fantastic lessons that will inspire and engage your children in the run up to Christmas. Covering a range of different curriculum areas including; Literacy, Numeracy, Geography, Computing, Art, Languages, RE and PSHCE, this eBook will be a great resource for any iPad classroom. 

With lessons using a range of apps such as: Thinglink, Pic Collage, iMovie, Puppetpals, Phoetic and many others, each contains a clear explanation and many contain examples of children's work from the primary classroom.

Make the most of children enthusiasm for Christmas with lessons that really help develop children's learning in innovative and creative ways.

You can buy your copy now from the iBooks store or have a PDF copy emailed for you to print or save on any device!


If you do download a copy I would really appreciate any reviews on the iBooks store! Please also tweet or email me - any examples of work if you use ideas from the book.

I must say a special thanks to @inspiredmind5 for all his help editing the project. 

 Thanks again to everyone for all your support. 

Quick update - Absolutely overwhelmed to see that on the first day of release the eBook went to number 3 on the iBooks chart in ALL categories so a huge thank you!


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