Sneak - Perfect for EYFS

The app 'Sneak,' has been one I have been desperate to try! I came across the app so long ago I can't remember who first shared it with me! Anyway, for any households who need an app to keep younger children engaged and quiet this half term, Sneak is the answer! I can't wait to use this in an EYFS and KS1 classroom.

What this app entails is different from most apps for younger children, just watch the official trailer -

Now that my brood have started Nursery, I decided to give this app a go... Wow! The iPad ran out of battery before the children stopped playing! Playing hide and seek whilst trying to take pictures of different monsters had them hooked! The app has two modes of catching the children - listening using the microphone or watching for any quick movements using the front iPad camera, you can choose either one or both. There are a range of different monsters to snap and it is great to have an app where more than one child can take part! I couldn't help but film them enjoying the game - 

I think this could be a great app to use in the EYFS/KS1 classroom. Not only for children playing the game but to inspire some discussion and writing. When children snap a picture of one of the monsters, can they describe it? What does it look like? What sounds/movements does it make? Could the children draw the monster or even create their own? What would it be called? Where would it live? What would it eat?

If the children first hand draw the picture, they can then use an app like Doodle Buddy to try and recreate it on the iPad - 

The children can even design their own monsters using Abby Monster Maker, this could easily be linked to the children's profiles if you use Class Dojo or the Monsters Can Read app

Basically, lots of possibilities! But essentially Sneak is a fantastic app that doesn't involve children simply sat in front of the screen and instead has them moving, playing and smiling!


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