Math Duel - Test children's quick calculations under pressure!

I came across this app a few months ago after it was on the ever useful Apps Gone Free app. It has quickly become one of the most popular apps with the children. They love using this app in Numeracy lessons as it is competitive and challenging, and the reason it is so challenging and competitive is because children are competing against each other.

I have used this app with children from Year 1 - Year 6, even with teachers on training INSET, all of whom respond in the same way - concentrating to try to win. You just need one iPad between 2 people (there is an option for one player, but the two player option is the best part of the app for me.) The screen is then split in half and each child sits at either end. Then it is a race in time to try and answer the question the quickest and make their bar in the middle bigger. The winner is the person with a full bar in the middle of the screen.

I love how this app puts children under pressure. They have to apply their knowledge of addition or subtraction, multiplication or division in a pressurised environment, similar to when they are sitting a test or exam. It is a great indication as to how well they can apply a particular method in a way that worksheets may not show. 

I also love how easy it is to differentiate. As I mentioned earlier I have used this in Year 1 right up to Year 6. Within the settings option you are able to tailor the questions to fit with the type of operation, number of terms and size of numbers. This is good for me as I move around different classes but for individual teachers where there maybe a massive gulf in ability, the teacher can utilise this app to challenge all the children in their class. I could put my most gifted mathematician who is working on adding/subtracting 4 numbers with values up to 100 against a child who still is challenged working on number bonds to 20. Both are challenged to their level of ability, engaged and competing.

 It has certainly captured the attention of plenty of boys and they especially responded well when we used it for a Math Duel World Cup with group stages, knockout stages and final!
Thanks to Apps Gone Free we managed to get this fantastic app for free, however it is now priced at £1.99, which I feel is well worth the cost. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP


  1. Great way to learn math with apps


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